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Introducing TelAPI – Today’s Most Feature Rich Telephony API

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Today we are extremely excited to bring TelAPI out of private beta and finally offer it to the world. TelAPI began 16 months ago as an effort to build a next-generation cloud-based telephony API to power our own unique business needs. However, upon showing immense potential, we decided to spin TelAPI off into its own product with the intent of offering it as the most fully featured telephony API on the market. To do so, the team has worked exceedingly hard these past few months. We have poured our hearts and souls into this effort, and today we are thrilled to share TelAPI with you.

No longer must developers and entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of telecommunications systems to build applications that leverage voice and SMS. TelAPI’s cloud-based communications platform requires no hardware, no setup and no network administration. That means developers can focus on features, functionality and creating innovative telephony applications. Telephony is complicated, so TelAPI helps make it simple.

So, why did we build TelAPI? We know there are similar products in this space that nobly ”dumb down” telecom and solve 80% of the problem. But what about the remaining 20%? That is to say, the developers who need additional features and functionality and are unable to satisfy the unique requirements they have with existing telephony APIs. That’s who TelAPI caters to — businesses and developers with highly custom voice and SMS requirements.

TelAPI stands apart from other APIs by offering:

  • The ability to set your outbound Caller ID to any number
  • Reverse carrier lookups on phone numbers
  • Flat-rate unlimited inbound calling to your TelAPI phone numbers
  • Voice and audio effects on your phone calls
  • Private number Caller ID unblocking
  • Premium transcriptions with human processed dictation
  • Speech recognition
  • Account fraud prevention controls to help combat abuse of your applications

We have incorporated all of these features into TelAPI without compromising ease-of-use. Consequently, developers transitioning from Twilio’s platform to TelAPI can do so seamlessly as our REST calls are consistent with theirs.

Ultimately, we’re passionate about helping developers solve problems. To do so, it is our intent to offer TelAPI’s extensive toolkit to developers of all skill-levels using nearly any programming languages they’d like. We've been in the telecommunications space for the better part of a decade now and we get "it". We understand the challenges developers in this domain face and we seek to address them.

We are really proud of what we have accomplished so far in private beta, and look forward to taking the next step with all of you!

About TelAPI

TelAPI is a self-funded startup with 7 employees in NYC, NJ and Miami. Our mission is to bring something new to the cloud communications space by creating compelling features and functionality you won’t find elsewhere. As we transition today from private beta to version 1.0, TelAPI is already processing 1.9 million voice minutes and 875,000 text messages per month, with international support for 16 countries.

Unlike others in this space, we have not raised money from investors. That is a decision we have made because we are proud of our history of successfully bootstrapping our companies and we are primarily concerned with building a superior product while establishing a sustainable business. Our decision making processes center around the best interests of our users and our product, not tripling investment from VCs in three to five years.

For additional information please email us at [email protected] and follow @TelAPI on Twitter.

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