The World's Most Advanced Voice + SMS API

Build your application with SMS messages using TelAPI


Send and receive text messages. Get creative with SMS to send notifications to users or leverage group messaging.

TelAPI lets you send and receive phone calls

Phone Calls

Make calls to any phone number in the world. Use your real phone number or set a custom Caller ID.

Buy bulk phone numbers with TelAPI

Buy Numbers

Buy a US number or an international one from an ever growing list of our supported countries!

Add voice capabilities to your web or mobile app with TelAPI

Add Voice to Apps

Plug voice capabilities into your apps with our API. The features run the gamut from call tracking with lead generation function to Interactive Voice Response to detect and respond to voice commands.

  • Record your calls with TelAPI

    Record Calls

    Record any outgoing call and save for future listening or sharing on social media!

  • TelAPI produces phone call transcriptions

    Call Transcriptions

    The ability to transcribe calls during or even after a call happens.

  • TelAPI lets you change your voice in phone calls

    Voice Changer

    Allow users to change their voice – filter to man, woman or even a robot voice – for their calls.

  • Add background audio noise to your phone calls

    Background Audio

    Add in traffic noise, ambient effects or any background audio to calls.

  • Use InboundXML to control inbound call flow


    Enjoy ultimate flexibility with TelAPI. Use a simple XML dialect to control inbound call flow.

  • TelAPI uses Interactive Voice Response

    Global Reach

    Leverage TelAPI in any of our many supported international destinations.